There are two ways you can enjoy my music – supporting me by buying tracks / albums via a platform like Loudr for personal use, or by licensing my music for use in your video / podcast / commercial project. Below is more information on both.


If you’re looking to license my music in your productions commercially (a YouTube video, podcast, advert / TV programme / film etc.), then you can do so on Instrumental Background Music – view the bestsellers if you want an idea of what’s popular.

License my music on InstrumentalBGM


If all you want is to listen to my music offline or while on the move, then this is the option for you! Check out my albums below and  if you want to hear new stuff. Loudr is better for me as their fee is the lowest around, but if you prefer to stream my music, then you can find my music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play among others – just search for tacoMusic and I should pop up. If you want to help me through streaming, then please create and share playlists with my music in it! 🙂